Spring Break Has Started!

The first week has been filled with running around to get the boys to different programs. Tyler has the show, “Annie,” he is working on, and Tommy is at a sports camp. They both are different amounts of time, start at different times, and end at a different times. Let the running begin!



April 4, 2013

This is the last day of our spring break trip. The trip was just what we needed, lounging by a pool all day, eating lots of food, etc. We have till Monday before the boys and I return to school so I will get some time to clean.

What to do on a sick day?

I decided to try something new, while sitting wrapped up in a blanket sick with a bad virus, so I began by surfing the internet.  My partner, Paul, had sent me an email link to a job posting, which led me to several different sites.  I, by the way, have been looking for things to do in my free time and I saw WordPress.  Intrigued I jumped in and started my first entry.